"We are creating technology for tomorrow's market": How the Prometeo Chain System project will change blockchain technology.

Andrea Cadamuro and Damira Kenessarina are the creators of an interesting project, the Prometeo Chain System. Prometeo acts as an acting subject in creating a pool of technologies that allow blockchain to be used in the financial aspect and many other areas. First, it uses blockchain in harmony with IoT to improve security, productivity, transparency, and control of the entire supply chain. Andrea Cadamuro discussed the project and shared their experience of building it.

Your project is very interesting; tell our platform readers about your startup's goals.

Our innovative blockchain aims to create an innovative ecosystem for supply chain management and interaction with IoT systems. In other words, to create a technology that can provide the necessary level of security and decentralization compared to all existing technologies today.

 How did the idea for the startup come about?

The idea for the Prometeo Chain System came to us after solving the problem of managing resources and validating information throughout the supply chain to ensure the protection of the company and the consumer. In addition, after experiencing firsthand what happens with the lack of IT security to protect the entire supply chain and IoT systems, we saw the need to create a set of technologies that could improve security, reliability, and automation, reducing risk factors such as human error.

 Why IoT and blockchain?

The fourth stage of industrialization involves using IoT devices to manage business processes. Today, more than 25 billion devices are connected to the Internet and exchanging data. Managing many devices is usually challenging and is now subject to cyberattacks because of the extensive use of Web servers. Without an adequate protection strategy, devices remain unprotected, and for this reason, companies today, but especially in the future, will suffer very high financial losses. The solution to protecting IoT devices could be blockchain technology, which provides a way to store data in a decentralized, secure, and immutable manner, which is critical for many companies because it allows them to:

  •  Reduce the risks of data loss.
  • Prevent over-reliance on centralized facilities.
  • Ensure full transparency and readiness for validation by customers, and stakeholders, showing the immutability of information and keeping it safe from unauthorized access.

Most blockchains are inherently more secure (though more resource-intensive) than traditional databases. In addition, the use of blockchain helps build trust in IoT devices.


Tell us about your team.

Damira and I are co-founders of Prometeo Chain System, and we are partners in our work and family in life, allowing us to live our idea every day. We strongly believe in what we create and our team, and we are convinced that the project will revolutionize the use of blockchain. Our CTO, Dmitriy, has more than ten years of experience building information systems. We immediately realized that we could define ourselves as three visionaries united by the desire to create innovative and durable technologies.

 What are your plans for the future?

Over the next two years, we will focus on developing two technologies: blockchain + IoT and blockchain + navigation, which we think will be really in demand in the coming years, especially for business and government. Once these two technologies are developed, we will create our next two technologies based on the blockchain we have developed, which will become important in the next ten years. Our motto is, "We do not create technology for today's market; we create technology for tomorrow's market."

 What tips would you like to share with the users of our platform?

As a final word of advice to every reader who has an idea, do not be afraid to take risks! To the question of what is better to do, our answer is to be confident in yourself and your abilities. So do not be afraid to take risks and do it because if you do not believe in your abilities, no one will believe in you.

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