Nomadiq Innovation Hub: An Innovative IT Hub Opens in Singapore

The official opening of the Nomadiq Innovation Hub by Investbanq took place in Singapore. This private initiative aims to promote Central Asia as a single region in Singapore and foster cooperation in IT entrepreneurship, building a strong community of founders.

The opening speech was delivered by the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhaslan Madiyev. He highlighted that the hub will attract new startup projects from Singapore and unite efforts from Turkic countries to broaden the application of digital solutions.

“We have high hopes for the Nomadiq Innovation Hub in achieving goals that represent the interests of Kazakhstan, particularly in increasing the export of Kazakh IT products and attracting investment to our country. I would like to emphasize that Kazakhstan already has significant experience in developing and supporting startups and innovative projects. For example, five years ago, we launched the Astana Hub International Technology Park for IT Startups, which has become one of the leading technology parks in Central Asia, supporting a wide range of products and services for startups and their founders. As a result, today the number of Astana Hub residents is 1,403 participants, including 388 foreign companies. We have also attracted global partners such as Google, Draper University, StartX, Microsoft, and the World Bank, providing access to the best advanced solutions for our citizens,” said Zhaslan Madiyev.

For more details, visit the MDDIAI website.

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