Training Couriers in IT Specialties: Glovo in Partnership with Astana Hub

Glovo's CEO Oscar Pierre visited Kazakhstan for the first time and met with representatives of the country's IT community at the international technopark Astana Hub. During the meeting, he shared the history of his company's formation and discussed the experiences and nuances of running a startup.

"We founded Glovo eight years ago when there wasn't a single startup in Barcelona. I wondered, what else could the internet offer to people? The first thing that came to mind was time. What if we create a platform where people can outsource what they need to do in the city, and we do whatever you want in 60 minutes or less? We created a very simple app. It wasn't a marketplace; you could just send a message to order anything. At that time, the company had only two couriers," Oscar Pierre recounted.

Today, Glovo's delivery order app is a company operating in 25 countries, with over 10 million users and 61,000 couriers worldwide.

Currently, Glovo's delivery service employees from CIS countries are undergoing IT training at Astana Hub. The educational courses of Freelance School, Startup Academy, and No Code School are provided to couriers with full funding from Glovo. The company aims to inspire its employees through innovative education. Glovo's choice demonstrates the high value of Astana Hub Education's programs.

"The joint project between Astana Hub and Glovo to train couriers has been ongoing for 2 years. The international company actively participates in improving its employees' skills, demonstrating business conscientiousness. We are confident that today's courier, thanks to our courses, will become a successful IT specialist tomorrow," noted Daulet Beimurzinov, Director of the Astana Hub Office of Educational Programs.

By the end of this year, 450 Glovo employees will have completed their training, and upon completion of the programs, participants who have successfully finished all courses will receive a certificate.

"I completed the No Code School course. I am now studying at Freelance School. The program is interesting and understandable. I have long dreamed of creating websites and mobile applications. I am doing drawings and studying to be an architect-designer. During the course, I learned that you can work remotely. I plan to enroll in other courses soon," shared Azizbek Malatipov, a Glovo courier from Kyrgyzstan.

It is noted that the cooperation between Astana Hub and Glovo began as part of the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of development and support of IT startups, signed last year at the largest IT forum of Central Asia, Digital Bridge 2022.

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