Payda: “Our goal is to become the #1 accounting service for every citizen of Kazakhstan.”

Modern problems require modern solutions. With the beginning of the pandemic, the transition to online has become a common phenomenon for many spheres of life. Financial services are no exception. We talked with the CEO of Payda, a participant of Astana Hub, Yerdos Alibek, how in just a year the idea of a startup became a full-fledged mobile accounting.

Yerdos, describe your project in simple words.

Payda is an accounting service for owners of small and medium-sized businesses under a simplified tax regime. The Payda ecosystem consists of a platform, a mobile application for iOS and Android, an integration complex of Payda Business API services and an educational platform for novice accountants Payda Academy.

Who is your main target audience?

We work with entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and LLP on a simplified tax regime. If we turn to statistics, the bulk of our clients are representatives of retail and wholesale trade, freelancers, advertising agencies, as well as agencies providing SMM services and web development.

Describe in more detail the directions of the Payda company?

Our first product is the Payda hardware and software complex. It is a platform for accountants that is integrated with government agencies, second-tier banks and the online cash register Ukassa. The platform simplifies accounting operations and automates the accounting of taxpayers.  

The second product is the Payda mobile application for iOS and Android in Kazakh and Russian. With the help of the mobile application, the user can independently and for free keep personnel records from hiring to firing employees, create accounting documents, calculate wages and mandatory taxes, pay taxes using a bank card;  form and submit declarations. In addition, users can purchase 6 different service packages by subscription, or more than 40 one-time accounting services. 

The next is Payda.Business API, an integration package of services for integration with second-tier banks. With its help, we provide our accounting services to third-party platforms through open API channels. 

And finally, Payda Academy is a unique author's courses for training accountants to work in our service. The product was developed after analyzing the labor market in the field of accounting, where there are competent specialists, but there are no those who can become a personal accountant for users of our service. We require specialists to have communication skills at the level of consultants or client managers, as well as the basic principles of emotional intelligence: flexibility and problem solving.

Tell us more about how integration with second-tier banks, government agencies and the service works . What functionality is included?

The first stage of company registration is carried out in the system by our service accountants or by the user independently. Next, information about employees is added and wages, taxes and deductions are calculated. After that, tax payment swifts are generated, which are sent to the user. Payment is made using Internet acquiring Bank Center Credit according to a jointly thought-out logic, where the final recipient is the State Revenue Committee and the Government for Citizens.

The functionality for the formation and submission of the tax return of the TNF 910.00 is implemented on the platform and in the mobile application. The system allows you to generate tax reports for sole proprietors and LLP in a few minutes on a simplified tax regime and send it to the State Revenue Committee with one click.

The online cash register with the function of transferring to the OFD is implemented jointly with the group of companies.

Share statistics: how many people are using your service now?

To date, our application has more than 6,000 downloads. There are more than 5,000 active users, of which more than 1,000 are those who have used a paid subscription, that is, purchased one of 6 service packages.

What is the global goal of your startup?

Our goal is to become the accounting service No. 1 for every resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

How do you plan to involve 80-90% of entrepreneurs who cannot keep accounting in the service?

With the help of the Payda mobile application and the right communication strategy, we have developed several different service packages for freelancers, taxi drivers, small and medium-sized business owners, etc.

What is the main value you offer to entrepreneurs?

In our work, we are based on the principles of caring and respect for our customers. We build relationships individually with each client in order to work productively, respect everyone's opinion, admit our mistakes and empathize.

Feeling our responsibility to our customers, we always make efforts to fulfill our obligations. In our work, we are focused on results.

Tell us about your team?

The Payda team consists of 30 people. Of these, 30% are IT specialists, 30% are service accountants, there is also a marketing and sales department. Almost all of our employees are young people under 30, graduates of KTL, NIS and KBTU. In teamwork in the IT sphere, a systematic approach, methods and tools for the introduction of mentoring were laid. As for the corporate culture in the team, we are interested in each other, everyone contributes to the common cause. We are proactive and try to do everything possible to achieve high quality, support each other, as we are responsible for ourselves and colleagues.

What is the non-obvious difficulty in the development of your startup?

In the development of any business, there are difficulties everywhere and in all areas, we accept this as part of our work and try to solve them on the spot. The main difficulty lies in the unavailability of the target audience. To do this, our team is constantly working to study the needs and “pains” of our potential users.  

You are members of Astana Hub. What tools do you use to support the technopark, and how do they help you?

We enjoy tax benefits for exemption from VAT, CPN and IPN. We are happy to participate in the events held by Astana Hub, we are grateful for the PR support. When you work in the startup field, you gradually come to understand that you need to get as many like-minded people as possible and establish contacts in the IT field to exchange experience and knowledge. In the future, we are considering participation in educational and business programs.

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