Prospects for the development of the 5G industry were discussed at the Astana Hub

The Astana Hub international technology park for IT startups jointly with the Huawei Technologies Kazakhstan held the first Kazakhstani conference DIGI DAY, dedicated to the prospects of 5G - industry development in Kazakhstan.

The event was attended by representatives and heads of government agencies, the largest operating companies, research and innovation business incubators, IT companies and corporations, as well as leading analysts and media representatives.

The speakers were leading Huawei experts who talked about the innovative services of the company, the advantages of building the corporate sector of architecture using the fifth-generation network, and the possibilities of using new technologies in implementing B2B and B2C projects.

The program of the event focused on the following topics:

  • Progress of 5G-Technology;
  • Analysis of 5G to C industry developments;
  • FWA Market Solution to H - Premium 5G services for the home and new growth for leased lines;
  • 5G to B solution for private networks.

During the conference Pavel Sirotinkin, Huawei’s senior marketing expert noted:

"The 5G standard is 'inspiring' industries. According to our data, the 5G value chain is worth $1.83 trillion, it has the potential to drive $6.9 trillion in GDP growth and create 11 million new jobs".

At the same time Tanat Uskembayev, Director of Corporate Innovation and Digital Competence Office at Astana Hub emphasized:

«We have a 5G center planned for this year to help IT companies integrate their products with 5G cases. Huawei is a global vendor of 5G solutions with many successful examples. Their experience will help us to develop projects faster".

You can read the full version of the speech by clicking here.


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