PIZZA PITCH October'22: a startup application for children was recognized as a winner

Astana Hub, an International Technopark of IT Startups, hosted another Pizza Pitch, a monthly event for startups and investors, venture funds and business angels, and everyone interested in technological entrepreneurship.

Participants presented projects that are still in the concept stage as well as established IT startups: Ivizor is a cryptocurrency wallet with a simplified, intuitive interface with a design approach tailored to country trends; IPPRO, an online store for anyone selling on Instagram or WhatsApp; Eventter, a local event platform. Courstore is an online education platform featuring messenger-based teaching and commerce; is an education platform for children. Blockchain university, a blockchain development training program from beginners to Juniors; Speech lab, a speech technology company specializing in speech recognition and synthesis.

The demonstrations of the startups were examined by competent experts - Vladimir Barinov, CEO and producer of Vardix Group, Rinad Yermekov, Director of Digitalization at GR BI group, and Dmitry Filonov, author of The Edinorog Telegram Channel. Each meeting attendee received a professional evaluation of their presentation, guidance on the startup's future development, and practical recommendations.

"Overall, it was difficult to evaluate according to different criteria, starting from the idea and concluding with presenting information from the pitching. But I'd like to point out that I went through this myself when I was looking for investments, and I stuck to one concept: the first half is the idea, and the second half is the presentation of your information in 30 seconds like you're riding an elevator... There is something to be said for each project, but overall, the ideas are great. Our market is massive, dynamic, and is developing economically; there is room for growth, and there is a unique opportunity; so go for it, folks.", said Pizza Pitch expert Rinad Yermekov.

 By the jury's unanimous decision, the winner of PIZZA PITCH October'22 was, an educational application for children. The second place went to Eventter and the third to Courstore. The winners and runners-up were awarded valuable prizes from Kazakhtelecom Business.

 "We're developing an educational app for children ages 5 to 8. Of course, we intend to attract investment at some point, but this is a process that we need to understand and feel for to do it better, so here we are. We are participating in Pizza Pitch for the first time, and we have met people and experts in the IT business and received feedback." said Baglan Ayazbayev, author of the startup

It is worth noting that all participants got a grant of 300,000 tenge from Yandex Cloud in Kazakhstan to use the Yandex Cloud platform. Event sponsors SF and RedBull provided delicious pizza and energy drinks to participants and spectators. There was also a live broadcast on Astana Hub's YouTube channel using Camix Technologies' 3D reality technologies:

As a reminder, Pizza Pitch is an informal platform where future unicorns try their hand and practice speaking in front of an audience. Each participant has just 3 minutes to speak, after which a buzzer sounds and competent experts evaluate the startup.


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