Presentation of the book by Israeli author Avi Yorish translated into Kazakh "Innovator bol" was held in Astana Hub

On April 21, the International Day of Innovation, the presentation of the book "Thou shalt innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World" by Israeli author Avi Yorish was held on the basis of Astana Hub. The presentation was initiated by the Embassy of Israel in Kazakhstan as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's Independence. The Kazakh publishing house "Stepe and World" together with the Embassy of Israel translated the book into Kazakh and now the book "Innovator bol" is available on the bookshelves of stores.

The presentation of the book was held in an online format with the participation of the author himself. Welcoming remarks were made by the Ambassador of Israel to Kazakhstan, Ms. Liat Vekselman and the General Director of Astana Hub, Magzhan Madiyev. The presentation was also attended by representatives of the publishing house "Stepe and World", Raisa Kader and Nazgul Kozhabek and Israeli innovator Teddy Lazebnik.

At the event, the author of the book, Avi Yorish, shared the secrets of the success of the Israeli IT industry and offered to share experiences for the growth and development of countries. The speakers discussed the possibilities of developing innovative technologies for the coming decades and transformations in such areas as the aerospace industry, healthcare, education and infrastructure.

Teddy Lazebnik, PhD in Mathematics (currently completing a postgraduate course in computer science in the field of biomathematics and medical nanorobots), spoke about his path of formation and about a number of difficulties he had to face. Teddy has made a great contribution to the development of artificial intelligence in Israel. At the presentation of the book on behalf of the Israeli scientific and business community, the guest welcomed the bilateral integration between Kazakhstan and Israel, as it will provide new prospects for the development of both countries.

The book "Thou shalt innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World" by Avi Yorish (rus: "You will Invent", kaz: "Innovator bol") is an essay on Israeli IT solutions that jointly change the lives of billions of people around the world. She describes how Israeli inventors of all faiths strive to make the world a better place. This is a story about how Israelis help feed the hungry, treat the sick, protect the defenseless and make the desert flourish. Israel plays a disproportionate role in solving the world's biggest problems, drawing incentives from the soul of the nation: the spirit of "tikkun olam" - the Jewish concept of correcting the world. In his book, Avi Yorish also described the success stories of more than a dozen IT companies in Israel.

The book "Innovator Bol" can be purchased in the MARWIN store chain, as well as on the flip by clicking on the link.

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