Russian company will help Kazakh online schools

Prodamus-Kazakhstan LLP has been researching the online education market in Kazakhstan since the beginning of this year. In Russia, the company specializes in providing services for online schools with the ability to accept payments in any convenient way and automate processes. It's time to enter new markets.

According to the regional representative Alen Kokumbaev, Kazakhstan has the potential to become a global hub for accepting online payments in the field of online education, while the Prodamus service can play the role of a kind of “window”.

The company already has experience working with more than 5,000 online schools in Russia, and is currently building relationships with Kazakh organizations: business courses, language schools, etc.

Why is it beneficial for Kazakh entrepreneurs? As a rule, some banks have difficult procedures for working with the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs, and businessmen have to process payments almost illegally, accepting transfers to a card or writing each check themselves. With the help of the Prodamus service, schools can work legally, which, of course, has a positive effect on their reputation, and also allows them to concentrate on work without being distracted by additional processes.

Currently, the company is preparing to become a member of the Astana Hub International Technopark.

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Поздравляю Казахстан с такой хорошей новостью! Продамус это действительно лучшее решение для онлайн-школ