Chess Reboot. The Beginning.

The author of the new intellectual chess game, Marat Urtashev, is working on obtaining the Eurasian patent and protecting intellectual property at the international level. In his interview, he shares insights into the uniqueness of the game, the origin of the idea, and the search for a professional team to develop a mobile application and program.

About Your Project?
Creative Chess: "Akyl Creative Chess Game" or simply ACCG is more than just entertainment. The project is based on my personal experience and knowledge, presenting a new intellectual chess game. By developing the application and computer program, I aim to introduce it to the world as an innovative and essential tool for developing intellect, mind, and holistic human development, especially relevant during times of serious, profound, and global changes.

Creative Chess ACCG is a new standalone game and possibly the next evolutionary step in chess games. Our chess game combines traditional and innovative elements, making it particularly appealing to a wide audience. We believe this game has global significance and can become a new stage in the development of intellectual games, educational tools, and self-development instruments.

What is the Uniqueness of "Creative Chess," and How Does It Differ from Regular Chess?
The uniqueness lies in the geometry of the game mechanics structure and additions that alter the substantive one-dimensionality of chess pieces and pawns. Creative Chess is much closer to real life than other chess games. ACCG remarkably expands the boundaries of commonly accepted individual linear thinking, gently revealing patterns and stereotypes of narrow linear, one- and two-dimensional thinking, exposing outdated patterns, and focusing attention on opportunities for development and achieving personal integrity.

In the public information space, there are about two thousand chess games. I have enough information and solid grounds to boldly state that ACCG is not just another variation of chess but a genuinely new and progressive standalone game.

The evolutionary shortcomings of internationally known chess games are highlighted and revealed only in comparison with Creative Chess ACCG.

International chess is an excellent tool for developing linear, one- and two-dimensional thinking and perception. Up to a certain point in the early stages of personality formation, chess, commonly known and ordinary for us, serves as a tool for developing linear thinking and intellect. But without due attention to expanding consciousness and the presence of current adequate tools that develop volumetric multidimensional thinking inherent in us by nature, people fall into the trap of mental and intellectual limitations.

Creative Chess highlights and introduces the user to the fact that there are many ways to consider any situation from different angles in a broader and deeper perspective. Even without a deep dive into the mechanics and features of the new game, Creative Chess demonstrates to a rational audience and curious minds the possibilities of using a creative approach within the strict confines of the existing field and the qualities of all present figures, without breaking the existing but making point additions and progressive innovative changes.

For example, the uniformity and facelessness of pawns on a chessboard inadvertently influenced the strengthening of the "victim's position" in many people's minds: "We, pawns in this game" – this is one powerful "black-and-white" distortion of reality. Another layer of false beliefs is related to the fact that a pawn, reaching the opponent's farthest rank, can become any piece at the player's discretion and usually becomes a queen. This contradicts reality; a person is born with certain inherent qualities and characteristics and a priori cannot become anyone they want. Thus, Pushkin could not become Napoleon, and Mozart could not become Genghis Khan.

In Creative Chess, this misunderstanding is eliminated by filling each pawn with its unique internal content laid down during creation. In ACCG, a pawn reaching the opposite far rank cannot become any piece at the player's discretion but becomes only what it is born to be, a chess piece whose essence was laid down during creation. This is the potential for a change in people's cultural worldview, shifting attention from form to content, from external to internal.

The main uniqueness lies in the dynamic combination of several additions and their combination in the progressive mechanics of the game. It is precisely in the interaction of the evolutionary innovations of Akyl Creative Chess Game that key progressive changes in the new game are laid. For everyone who has seen this, there has been a "WOW!!" effect.

Everyone talks about the importance and necessity of changing thinking to achieve well-being and happiness, for success. Still, no one looks deeper. No one talks about the fundamental influence of thinking structure, the actual geometry of thought energy flows, and the influence and structure of the pattern of neural networks inside a person, within the person. The dominance of one- and two-dimensional thinking states simply does not allow this.

Tell us about the idea and history behind the project.
The foundation for a new intellectual chess game and project is based on information from the late '90s, obtained during excavations of the Talgar settlement. Historical names Talhir and Talhiz, now the city of Talgar, a mountain suburb of Almaty, where I am currently located, contribute to this. Additionally, information about chess games with presumed deep cultural and historical roots, such as "Xiangqi" from China, "Shogi" from Japan, "Janggi" from Korea, games like "Shatranj" and "Makruk" from Asia, "Shatar" from Buryatia, "Chatrang" from India, and, of course, international classical chess – all form the platform of Creative Chess. This platform introduces some creative innovations and rules, small but sufficient, making Creative Chess, or "Akyl Creative Chess Game," a new standalone game and highly likely to be the next evolutionary step in chess.

The project has been conceived and matured for over 22 years. The final pieces of the puzzle came together in the autumn of 2023.

What are the advantages of your chess game?
Firstly, it's innovative. We introduce unique rules, giving the game a fresh perspective and excitement. Secondly, the use of cutting-edge gaming mechanics technology creates a unique experience, making our product competitive and appealing to a discerning audience. Thirdly, there's educational value as a relevant tool for development and self-improvement. Fourthly, all additions and changes are based on life experience. According to those who have tested Creative Chess, the new game is much closer to reality, reflecting the world we live in.

What's also important is that players in Creative Chess cease to be opponents and become allies on the path of knowledge and self-creation, partners helping each other in development and in the exploration of the truths of the surrounding world.

We see significant potential for the use of the game in educational institutions, stimulating the development of critical thinking and creative logic.

How did you come to the realization that you needed to create an application and program?
This is a crucial question that is challenging to answer without illustrating innovative innovations in the chess game. The true meaning and significance of chess games have been largely forgotten. Naturally, the goal in any game is victory. However, the true essence of any game is development, the development of a person as a complete individual.

The game, as a phenomenon, is the foundation of all human culture. From infancy, a person develops through play. Chess is the king and queen of games, exerting a fundamental influence on the formation of the entire human civilization. I have not met a person who does not know how to play chess.

This brings us to the answer to your question.

Chess carries global and worldwide significance; therefore, the format for presenting the next evolutionary step in chess games must also have global and worldwide characteristics and parameters, in complete accordance with the actual global position, state, and dynamics of global processes.

Here is where we come to the main point – the influence of the IT sphere.

The digital space has become not just one of the spheres of human activity but has woven into the fabric of every individual's life, becoming an integral part of it. Accordingly, the most relevant tools for presenting the meanings and values of Creative Chess to the wider public are a mobile application and a program.

What is the global mission of the project?
All games, including computer ones, are built on a two-dimensional mechanic that fosters linear two-dimensional thinking. The two-dimensional dimension consists of rays, segments, lines, and planes, devoid of volume.

Due to this, the spiritual plan and the spiritual world have disintegrated, divided into numerous religions, currents, and directions. The same process has occurred and is occurring in every sphere of human activity - division and fragmentation into narrower and more distant sections. The dominance of states of one- and two-dimensional thinking, perception, and consciousness, prevalent among people, has also influenced the global dramatic events happening in the world. This also explains why the vast majority of techniques and methodologies for changing thinking, for development and self-improvement, essentially do not work, with a very small statistical percentage of actual progress.

The task and goal of the project "Creative Chess: Intellectual Evolution" is to provide people with an effective and functional tool containing knowledge, knowledge that is the method-approach-technology of developing volumetric multidimensional thinking.

The mission of the project is to unite people and help them become happy through comprehensive harmonious development, the development of volumetric multidimensional thinking, intellect, and mind, through expanding consciousness, perception, and attention. Through love, positive thinking, creativity, gratitude, joy, harmony, education, and mindfulness.

I believe that all people are equal, in their nature of individual uniqueness, and by the right of birth, they deserve love, happiness, prosperity, and respect. Regardless of creed, nationality, or language of communication. We learn from everyone, accept and respect every member of society. Hatred, aggression, insults, humiliations, deceit, and manipulations are not just prohibited, they simply have no place in our community.

Our target audience includes thoughtful and thinking individuals who aspire to intellectual development, the development of thinking and intellect, and therefore, to comprehensive and harmonious development. This includes parents interested in the full development of their children and strengthening family relationships, as well as people who play chess, chess enthusiasts, wanting to experience the evolution of chess games and deepen their mastery and quality of play.

What do you need for the successful implementation of the project?
I need specialists, primarily professionals in the IT field, as well as in marketing and finance. The main focus is on creating a mobile application and program, and establishing a digital platform for such an extensive and demanding modern audience from all cultures and social classes. Programmers will understand the complexity and high requirements for the configuration of the mobile application and program, necessary for ease of perception and usage, potentially active for the project's audience of around 1 +/- 0.5 billion people, and the subsequent continuous maintenance of the digital system.

I am confident in the uniqueness of the product and the high probability that Akyl Creative Chess Game (AKSHI) is indeed the next evolutionary step in chess games. My knowledge in this field and the reactions of those who have seen this new game give me the confidence to assert this.

Therefore, our project is a global and large-scale initiative. It requires a professional and highly responsible approach. I am reaching out to professionals in the field. Assessing the importance and significance of the project in popularizing Creative Chess AKSHI for people, for the avant-garde intelligentsia, for the advanced scientific community, for the evolutionary development of human civilization, can be done by someone with a planetary worldview and consciousness vector. The significance and importance of popularizing the game will be highlighted when you actually experience the game and see important evolutionary additions to the well-known chess.

I request feedback to discuss the possibilities of our collaboration. Due to the absence, at the moment, of proper intellectual property protection at the international level, there is currently no possibility to make the game rules publicly available. However, I am ready to showcase the game in person in a real meeting in Almaty.

If my assumptions are correct, the popularization of Creative Chess AKSHI will be a significant and meaningful contribution from all project participants and Kazakhstan to world culture, the development of human civilization. A worthy and adequate digital packaging of the game and its support is not just a current requirement but also a prestige and authority for Kazakhstan on the world stage.

I named the project's marketing program "All Stars." I am reaching out to the stars of the IT sphere, specialists in neuro and cognitive sciences, master trainers in personal growth and self-development. I am reaching out to the entire forward-thinking and progressive intelligentsia, representatives of science, sports, arts, and business. I invite you to a dialogue, suggest testing the game, and consider the possibilities of our collaboration in popularizing AKSHI - Akyl Creative Chess Game, ACCG – AKYL CREATIVE CHESS GAME.

The projected target audience for regular users of the project's products could reach 300 – 500 million users. With a reach funnel of 1 billion, plus focus groups of the target audience in the designated categories of people. You can contact me at +7 777 160 55 99 or

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