The Power of the IT Community in Helping Others

Every day, we face challenges where solidarity and mutual assistance become key solutions. Sometimes even the smallest act can have a profound impact, leaving an indelible mark on someone else's life. In Kazakhstan, the development of the IT industry is marked by numerous grants, opportunities for free education, and the active growth of non-profit projects and charitable organizations, all aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for all. For those who wish to make a positive change in the world through their actions, we will share information about charitable organizations that are conducting fundraisers and doing good.

The charitable project "+1 Elon Musk" offers every child the opportunity to learn and develop from home. According to their survey, 196,100 children in rural areas need laptops. In one year, project participants conducted campaigns in 10 regions of Kazakhstan, providing equipment to 156 children. The company is currently collecting laptops or funds.

"One laptop = one success story. 110 laptops = 110 success stories. We believe that one of these success stories will be repeated. Why +1 Elon Musk? Elon Musk is a success story. We believe that one of the children who received that laptop charged with the energy of success will change the world for the better, just like Elon Musk does. Through our example, we show that age, professional skills, and income level do not matter—what matters is the desire to help. Our business processes are automated. Donations can be made through a mobile phone, becoming a foundation participant by applying online," shared Abylai Isin, a volunteer for the charitable "+1 Elon Musk" project.

The Children's Development Foundation (CDF) is also dedicated to improving the quality of life and education for children from socially vulnerable populations. The foundation focuses on mentoring and educating children, the "Warm Winter" project, charitable fairs, races, and SOS projects. Recently, CDF volunteers held charitable fairs, raising around 1,500,000 KZT for the treatment of a girl named Darina Saurova. The "Warm Winter" project has been running for 10 years. Astana Hub employees also actively participated in collecting and purchasing winter clothing for children. Last year, they managed to prepare over 300 children for winter.

The "Kind People Club" positions itself as the country's main volunteer movement and has been active for 9 years. Volunteers in 8 regions of the country help families in need, pensioners, and animals. The club's motto is "Be useful wherever you are." Since its formation, the club's volunteers in the capital have assisted around 15,000 families, with approximately 200 families currently on their balance. Over the years, about 300 people have been trained in new professions and employed through the club's efforts. The club does not collect money; all assistance is provided directly to families or delivered to a warehouse in the form of goods and products for further distribution to families. The club has 130 regular volunteers, and photos of their events are published on the club's Instagram page.

Charity is accessible to everyone. These and other organizations are open to those willing to help and invite the IT community to participate in their initiatives.

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