Standard accelerators are outdated — Astana Hub has created the most flexible program to support IT startups

Astana Hub conducted a survey among IT entrepreneurs participating in various accelerators of the country and changed its main program for the development of IT startups, taking into account the comments, complaints and suggestions of the respondents.

Now technology startups do not need to go through long and fixed incubation and acceleration programs and listen to all educational workshops and business trainings — Astana Hub has begun to provide support to IT startups on a specific request in the new Techpreneurs program.

Techpreneurs is an improved version of the accelerator, the flagship support program for IT start-ups at different stages from Astana Hub. In the new format, each participant of the program will be able to create a program plan himself and choose the services that are needed specifically for his project, for example, PR promotion, individual consultation from an expert, a workshop on a specific business topic, a workplace in a coworking space, a meeting with the community of entrepreneurs and etc.

An IT startup can participate in the program at any stage: problem / solution fit - when there is an idea, a value proposition, MVP - the presence of a minimum version of the product, product / market fit - the presence of regular sales and scale - active project growth and scaling. To begin with, candidates need to apply for participation and go through a selection process, during which Astana Hub experts will diagnose a startup, determine the stage, after which a package of tools corresponding to the level of the project will be provided.

The guaranteed tools of the Techpreneurs program are:

  1. Weekly tracking. The assigned tracker meets with the startup project team and helps to formulate and test business growth hypotheses, implements a process of continuous improvement, advises on problematic issues and, if necessary, attracts external experts.
  • Group training. Each startup can independently or on the recommendation of an expert request an educational workshop for its team on a topic that is relevant specifically for it. This option is available both online and offline.
  • Individual consultations on marketing, B2B and B2C sales, scaling, business processes, investments, user demand research and other topics.

The program also has additional options, for example, PR promotion in the media and social networks, a workplace in the Astana Hub coworking space, or other requests that will be considered individually.

The main goal of the Techpreneurs program is to help every IT startup grow to the next level. To do this, program participants will undergo monthly diagnostics of project results with subsequent recommendations. At the moment when the participants of the program become investment-attractive, they can take part in the Invest Day Astana Hub, where they will have the opportunity to present their product to domestic and foreign investors in order to attract funding.

In addition, Techpreneurs participants will be able to apply for funding from Astana Hub in the amount of up to 20 million tenge, depending on the stage of the project. Read more here.

The first iteration of Techpreneurs kicks off on August 15th and will run until the end of 2021. An important difference of the program is that an application for the program can be submitted at any time, but no later than one month before the end of the program, that is, until October 2021.

You can apply and learn more about the program at the link:

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