Казakhstan's Startup Ecosystem Confirmed Leadership in Central Asia in the 2023 Global Index

According to StartupBlink, an organization that conducts annual assessments of the dynamics of startup ecosystems in various countries and cities, Kazakhstan has reaffirmed its leadership in Central Asia.

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, has demonstrated rapid growth, rising 25 positions globally and securing the top spot in the regional ranking. For this achievement, the prestigious Startup Ecosystem Awards were presented to the Astana Hub tech park. 

"Astana's award for the best startup ecosystem in Central Asia marks an important milestone in the region's development. Astana Hub played a key role in this success by creating a conducive environment for innovation and startup growth. This accomplishment underscores Kazakhstan's growing influence and leadership in the Central Asian startup scene," emphasized Mahmood Shamsi, Head of Business Development at StartupBlink.

StartupBlink notes that determining the winners of the Startup Ecosystem Awards is based on a comprehensive algorithm that considers over 40 parameters, including population size, regional impact, and other factors. This system ensures objective and comprehensive recognition, contributing to the development of startup ecosystems at various levels.

"StartupBlink is a source of information about startup ecosystems worldwide, and recognition in their ranking emphasizes that our efforts to support and develop startups are yielding real results. In this recognition, one can see not only a high appraisal of our achievements but also an opportunity to attract the attention of global investors. We invite the global investment community to join us on our path to leadership in the field of startup innovation," noted Bagdat Mussin, Minister of Digital Development, Innovations, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

StartupBlink is a map of startup ecosystems and a research center dedicated to identifying the dynamics of startup ecosystems worldwide and accelerating their growth. Their annual rankings and awards recognize the impact and innovation in startup communities worldwide.

Astana Hub is the largest tech park in Central Asia, focusing on creating and developing an ecosystem for IT businesses, training IT specialists, and supporting startup projects. Currently, the tech park has registered 1,400 IT companies, including nearly 400 with foreign participation. They receive comprehensive support, including business development and scaling programs, special tax and visa conditions, informational-educational support, and material infrastructure.

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