A new training stream has been launched under the joint Google for startups and Astana Hub program

Fifteen new startups from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia have started training under the Silkway Accelerator program, a joint project of the international technopark of IT startups Astana Hub and Google for Startups.

237 applications were submitted to participate in the second Silkway Accelerator stream. The best of the best, as well as for the first stream, were selected by a special commission, which included experts from different Central Asian countries and representatives of Google Developers Group.

Among the selected projects are Med 365, Biometric, Sagi Ltd, EasyTap Ltd, Ikser app & NJF group, CHK FloBoom Ltd, Metatesk, Mevento LLC, Avlo Incorp Pte Ltd, Planet9, myBonus+, NeuronOil Headway.com LLP, A1 Capital LLP, Factory Price and LLP Factory Price, Beep Beep. Welcome Day was held for them in Astana Hub.

"Participation in the Silkway Accelerator program is a unique opportunity to formulate ambitious business goals and focus on moving towards them with the support of experienced trackers and experts from Astana Hub and Google for Startups. And thus get closer to becoming unicorns. Working with a world leader - Google for startups, creates a partnership that makes it possible to integrate with the international innovation ecosystem," said Abay Absamet, Managing Director for Development and Export of Astana Hub, welcoming the participants of the second stream.

The participants of the first stream, who started training back in July, shared their feedback about the training. Recall that 15 promising startups from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, and Tajikistan were also selected. 

"Once you get into the program, you feel you are in an atmosphere of like-minded people. We are going through a colossal transformation, and we have learned to make decisions faster and achieve them without fear of failure. I am sure that at the end of the acceleration, we will become a more mature startup," says Syrga Tilekova, CEO of the startup "NB Fit" from Kyrgyzstan.

The training program lasts three months offline and takes place in the city of Nur-Sultan. Top experts from Google and Astana Hub conduct master classes, and workshops, helping to build a structured methodology for achieving goals, scaling a business, and increasing profits.

Google for Startups provides the most striking cases with PR support on its platform and social networks. Astana Hub also provides participants with apartments for living, a workspace on the territory of the technopark, PR support, and the opportunity to receive financing for up to 25 million tenge under the Seed Money program. 

Google for Startups is a startup program launched by Google Corporation in 2011. It consists of over 50 coworking and accelerators in 125 countries and provides practical lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. This year Kazakhstan became the first partner of the program in Central Asia.

Astana Hub is the largest international technopark of IT startups in Central Asia. All the necessary conditions have been created here to develop Kazakhstani and foreign IT companies.

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When is the next participation?


Next batches have not been announced yet, please keep up with the updates on our web-site and our social networks for the future announcements.