Akimat of the capital and Astana Hub held a Pitch Day for promising IT solutions

The city administration of Nur-Sultan intends to find practical IT solutions already ready for use for infrastructure development and improving the lives of residents of the capital. Thanks to the cooperation with the international tech park of startups Astana Hub - 100 IT projects have been applied. The first Pitch Day was held for 11 of them the other day.

"We will support practical projects that will have a socio-economic effect on the city's development. Today we have seen that there are such projects, and in fact, many of them. Akimat is open to innovative solutions, especially if they aim to improve citizens' lives. We are ready to listen to all startups that have submitted applications, and we will launch pilot projects with the most promising ones. To do this, we will hold a Pitch Day monthly," said Meirambek Ashirbekov, Head of the Digitalization and Public Services Department in Nur-Sultan. On the first Pitch Day, projects on monitoring the water level in urban infrastructure, a unified transport information system for the capital, a project to create a GIS portal for an automatic system for early warning of wastewater overflow, and others were presented. All applied projects focus on education, healthcare, housing, communal services, ecology, security, and transport. Projects expect networking, pitching, and interaction with city structures. "For the IT market, this is a unique opportunity to present yourself to the akimat and find support in their person. But most importantly, in this way, startups can contribute to the city's development. Astana Hub is ready to act as a platform for such initiatives, to promote IT projects, creating additional opportunities for them," said Tanat Uskembaev, Director of Corporate Innovation and Digital Competence Office of Astana Hub. Earlier, the Akimat of the city of Nur-Sultan and Astana Hub announced the search for IT solutions. Thus, startups have the opportunity to present their projects to the akimat and contribute to the development of the city.

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