Astana Hub participant creates effective projects 40 times cheaper than in the USA, Great Britain and France

The Kazakh startup for early stroke diagnostics, CEREBRA, needed on average 42 times less funds to implement the product than similar foreign startups. According to, data from companies such as Rapida (USA), Cercare Medical (Denmark), Brainomix (UK) were analyzed, (USA), Avicenna AI (France), icometrix (Belgium), NICO.LAB (Netherlands).

It is reported that the implementation of artificial intelligence embedded in the CEREBRA platform capable of recognizing a stroke within 10 minutes cost Cerebra $1.3 million. While similar foreign companies spend on average about $53.9 million of investments, which is 42 times higher than the budget of the Astana Hub participant. At the same time, the technological solution of the Kazakh startup is in no way inferior in a number of positions in its segment. The product's efficiency index was more than 99%, according to the source.

"Our specialists once again show that they compete with specialists at the world level. By the word “ours” I am talking not only about the employees of CEREBRA, but in general about the Kazakhstanis who show good results all over the world. This once again shows that we need to focus on the development of human capital. And then, I am sure, in the near future, unicorn companies will appear in Kazakhstan," CEO Doszhan Zhusupov said.

Recall that this year Cerebra received the title of the best innovative project according to EY Entrepreneur, entered the top 10 MedTech projects in the world according to Medtronic and scaled to the Uzbek market.

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