Astana Hub Participant Awarded President's Prize "Altyn Sapa"

On December 12th, a ceremonial presentation of the Republic of Kazakhstan President's Prize, "Altyn Sapa," took place in Astana, where the company MED365 emerged as the winner in the category of "Best Enterprise of Production Purpose." This event highlighted the outstanding achievements of the company in the quality of product manufacturing and the provision of high-tech services.

This year, 221 companies participated in the competition, and in the category of "Best Enterprise of Production Purpose," MED365 surpassed 27 finalists, becoming the first IT company in the history of Kazakhstan to receive this prestigious award.

"For the first time, an IT startup has received the 'Altyn Sapa' presidential award. I believe this is a historic event for the IT community in Kazakhstan. The recognition of IT products like this signifies the rapid development of the IT industry, transforming it into a crucial and key element of the country's economy. Such awards not only grant a distinctive status to individual companies but also contribute to the general acknowledgment of the importance of the IT industry in building a sustainable and modern national economy," shared Bagdat Mussin, the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in his Telegram channel.

The primary criterion determining the winner was the significant results achieved by the company in ensuring the quality of products or services, as well as the implementation of highly effective quality management methods. In the case of MED365, their major achievement lies in the development and implementation of an Automated Medical Examination System (AMES).

AMES, presented as the company's flagship product, is equipped with modern medical devices, including a tonometer, thermometer, breathalyzer, and pupillometer. The system conducts medical examinations of enterprise employees and then transfers the analyzed data to the doctor. Within one minute, the system provides recommendations for admitting or not admitting an employee to work. It is essential to note that AMES not only reduces the time of medical examinations but also minimizes the risk of injuries and mortality in enterprises.

MED365 is also actively involved in other areas of activity, such as telemedicine. As part of the national project "Quality and Accessible Healthcare for Every Citizen, 'Healthy Nation,'" they initiated a pilot project to equip rural medical stations with mobile AMES integrated with doctors' tablets.

Moreover, MED365 aims to expand its horizons and has started to make strides in international markets, including MENA countries and the United States. The success of this startup emphasizes the importance of innovation and the development of high-tech solutions in the healthcare sector.


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