A participant of Silkway Accelerator, a joint project of Astana Hub and Google, shared his experience of creating his startup

Genghis Khan Kaldybayev has created a mobile application ZanBar, which helps to quickly find lawyers, bailiffs and notaries. There are more than a thousand qualified specialists in the service's database, to whom you can contact on various issues. How IT products help to improve the quality of services and why the digitalization of law is needed, Genghis Khan Kaldybayev said, reports "NewTimes.kz ".

Genghis Khan Kaldybayev is the author of the idea and CEO-head of the ZanBar project. Has a legal and technical education. By the way, ZanBar got into the top 15 of the best in Central Asia, selected by Google for the "Google for startups" program.

How did the idea to create a mobile app come about

For some time I worked in the economic court of Nur-Sultan. A person, a representative of the defendant, came to one of their trials. He was unprepared and lost the case. Then he asked: "Where to look for a good lawyer?". Then I realized that we did not have an open platform where it was possible to pick up a lawyer based on his rating, people's reviews, the specifics of law and other criteria.

I was thinking about how to create such a platform. It was 2017. Since that time, I have been preparing the project, and in 2020 we developed and launched it. We have done a lot of work. I am responsible for the concept of the project, for the IT product itself, its vision and development, for the mechanics of interaction between the customer and the contractor.

The result was a marketplace for finding lawyers. There are 1800 lawyers of Kazakhstan in the service database. We also work in Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, and are testing our project in Southeast Asia. These are dynamically developing and suitable markets for us.

How to find lawyers and why you can trust them

Today, about 3.5 million judicial acts are issued in Kazakhstan per year. We understand that the potential user base is large. We selected lawyers very simply. First, we launched an advertisement, took extracts from the bar association or from the Chamber of Legal Consultants. Thus, lawyers, lawyers, notaries, private bailiffs, law firms were chosen.

As a rule, when a customer chooses a lawyer, he looks at his posts on social networks, conditionally: does he wear a business suit, does he look neat. But these are not criteria for evaluating his professionalism.

In our application, the customer can view the biography, rating, customer reviews, the lawyer's track record, what cases he had, what education he received, and so on. This is how we try to introduce a share of objectivity into the provision of legal services. In addition, we have a security service. It is no secret that some unscrupulous lawyers take an advance payment and provide services improperly. It's everywhere. The difficulty is that in legal services, lawyers are able to correctly register contractual obligations.

Now in our database of performers there are well-known lawyers, including those active in social networks, large law firms.

To cooperate with the service, lawyers download the Zanbar mobile application, register, apply for registration in the service, fill out their profile. Within 2-3 days, the support service contacts them, requests documents, collects them, and so the lawyers are verified.

How is the service useful to ordinary Kazakhstanis

For lawyers, this is an additional opportunity to find clients and earn money. A large number of appeals were made during the pandemic regarding non-fulfillment of obligations by employers. There were also many applications after the January events. In these cases, we increase the number of partners.

What is the standard process of selecting lawyers? As a rule, people call friends, ask to share contacts of friends. The problem is that in these cases there are no special guarantees, understanding of the specifics in the field of law, there is no transparency. Here you can also study the reviews and read what they write about this or that specialist. Anyone will be able to choose a lawyer based on what he needs it for. By the way, if a lawyer does not fulfill obligations, we help customers.

How the service got into the top 15 of the "Google for startups" program

The "Google for startups" program has been launched in Astana Hub. This is an opportunity to scale your project and enter international markets. We get useful skills and chances to implement our idea in other countries where there is demand. 

Editor's note: Out of more than 300 projects under the "Google for startups" program, 15 best projects were selected among the countries of Central Asia. For their authors, master classes from Google experts have been organized, where they teach how to properly build business processes, look for partners and look for potential investors. The program lasts 3 months.

Cooperation with government agencies

Today we work with the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we are IT specialists in law. Protecting people's rights is a fundamental thing and we help lawyers and customers communicate and digitize this process. The need for legal services will increase in the near future. Currently, more than 20 thousand people have used the mobile application.

Author: we met with the speaker at Astana Hub. Today it is the largest international technopark of IT startups in Central Asia, where conditions have been created for the development of Kazakhstani IT companies. New digital projects are being developed here, many of them are already successfully operating.

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