Astana Hub hosted a conference dedicated to women in IT

On May 17, during the IT Woman 1.0. conference in Astana Hub, 15 successful women spoke about their experience in the IT field. The conference in the capital of Kazakhstan was dedicated to the growing opportunities for women in the IT sector.

Supervisor of the QWANT Programming School Mayra Aidarbekova shared her story about how she came from molecular biology and medicine to IT. She also noted the trend of Women In Tech: the number of graduates increased from 18% to 46%. 

"The purpose of the conference is to inspire and motivate the female half of the population to the world of high technology, eliminating myths and stereotypes that IT is not for women, IT is very difficult in IT. I believe that this initiative will mark the beginning of the formation of a female "army" of IT specialists in the country, since in the future there are extensive plans to provide accessible knowledge, develop free platforms for mastering the IT profession and much more, which would greatly contribute to the development of the IT industry in the country," the organizer noted events by Laura Tlepina.

According to the data provided by the organizers of the conference, women occupy about 20 percent of the total number of employees in the domestic IT sector. This number is slowly but steadily growing across the country, especially thanks to the active promotion of STEM education among girls.

“We organized this conference "IT-WOMEN 1.0" in order to attract the attention of women to the IT field. Today we tried to create a community of women from the IT field so that they could share their experience, knowledge and advice in this field with each other. We believe that the world of information technology and innovation needs women,” said Nariman Zhumabekov, Regional Manager of Mersys.

Astana Hub supported the event, which was attended by more than 100 participants: schoolchildren, students and young professionals.

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