GameDev Center was created at Astana Hub to develop gaming IT startups and educate novice specialists.

The GameDev Center, created in the Astana Hub International Technopark of IT startups, will promote the development of the mobile and computer games industry in Kazakhstan. It will teach the fundamentals of 3D modeling and animation and build gamedev startups for free, allowing Kazakhstan's gamedev community to solve the shortage of qualified personnel.

"The global GameDev market is valued at $175 billion. There are 30 game development companies worldwide with a valuation of over $1 billion, including founders from our region—for example, companies such as Wargaming, Playrix, Nexters, etc. There is a high demand for this product in Kazakhstan; however, the industry is developing at a low rate. We have a lot of talented artists and programmers. The goal of the center created in Astana Hub is to unite them on a single platform for networking, to provide mentoring and technical support from experienced GameDev companies, to improve their capabilities, and to boost the rise of new specialists and startups in the mobile and computer games industries," says Abay Absamet, Managing Director for Export and Development of Astana Hub.

The activities of the GameDev Center will be based on three main directions: 

GameDev Edu - the educational direction of the center in the format of open lectures. The center's students can attend workshops taught by experienced mentors in the GameDev industry. The main areas of the program will be art, game design, engine, and the basics of management in the industry:

art - a creative area where students can develop their digital visual art skills;

game design - for those who are interested in narrative design and associated with writing scripts for animation, movies, or games, or simply for those who love games and appreciate the stories, atmosphere, and characters in them;

engine - learning programming skills in the GameDev industry;

management - business direction, where such topics as project management, marketing, sales, and other tools for business development will be discussed.

The training will be held in a hybrid format: offline training at the Astana Hub in a fully adapted classroom and necessarily streamed online.

The second area of the center is consulting support for GameDev projects from market experts. Startups can turn to experts for advice on business development, project management, and technical issues.

The third area of the center focuses on game content development as well as the development of technical skills. GameDev Center is equipped with all the necessary equipment: high-tech graphics tablets, powerful computers for visual data processing, virtual reality headsets, and other equipment for project development. As part of the lab, visitors will have the opportunity to get technical advice on working in Unity, Unreal, 3D, or VR development, practice on the equipment, or get an opportunity to intern at the center.

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