Astana Hub Launches Bootcamp for Startups from Three Countries

The regional bootcamp, CAEC (Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation), for startups has brought together participants from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan, serving as a platform for intensive exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge.

The event officially commenced on August 21 in Astana and represents a ten-day immersion into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. The theme, "Inspiring Innovations, Community Transformation," underscores the significance of cross-border collaboration in creating innovative projects.

In collaboration with Astana Hub (Kazakhstan), IT Park (Uzbekistan), and Next Step (Azerbaijan), the CAEC bootcamp will span three days in each of the partner countries.

The program includes seminars on market analysis, customer base development, legal matters, investment attraction strategies, and various other aspects.

Participants will also have a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with innovation centers, visit landmarks in the capitals of these countries, and engage with major IT companies for a comprehensive immersion in the innovation ecosystem.

Special attention is given to educational workshops, providing participants with the opportunity to refine their project presentation and networking skills, receive training in UX/UI design, conduct in-depth project analyses, and develop human capital.

The CAEC region holds promising prospects for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, with the startup ecosystem actively expanding. To address typical challenges faced by startups in scaling their enterprises, the CAEC bootcamp for startups has been designed to offer practical knowledge, help participants establish connections, and acquaint them with key resources.

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