Kazakhstan Launches Digital Platform for Artificial Intelligence

Today, the digital platform ai.astanahub.com, created by the corporate fund Astana Hub, has been launched in Kazakhstan. The new platform brings together the efforts of the state, business, and education to create a unified space conducive to innovation and the use of artificial intelligence in various fields.

It is worth noting that the importance of developing and creating an artificial intelligence system for the country's future and its position in the global community was emphasized by the Head of State in a recent speech.

"The future of Kazakhstan and its place in the international community depends on the success of this work. Therefore, I will personally oversee this direction, hold meetings with foreign and domestic specialists, and monitor the implementation of set tasks," said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The activity of the digital platform ai.astanahub.com aims to inform the public about Kazakhstan's activities in the field of artificial intelligence, provide access to resources and databases, and stimulate the use of AI in creating innovative products and services. The platform will also serve as a place for learning and support for those who aspire to use artificial intelligence in their projects.

Experts note that in the modern world, AI is the most significant technological trend. According to Crunchbase research, investments in AI startups in 2023 reached almost $50 billion, which is 9% more than the previous year.

"Today, we stand on the threshold of a new era where technology and artificial intelligence play a key role in our lives. We are already on the verge of 100% digitization of services. Kazakhstan's global goal is to become one of the largest digital hubs in the region," highlighted Bagdat Mussin, Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As one of the key players in the Central Asian ecosystem, Astana Hub actively engages in the development and support of innovative projects, including in the field of artificial intelligence.

The opening of AI-Center is planned in the tech park, focusing on providing support in the development and scaling of projects based on artificial intelligence. The center aims to train and develop a new generation of engineer-programmers, assist in creating new projects, and provide support and resources to startups working on AI projects.

In collaboration with global leaders such as Presight.AI, Microsoft, and NVIDIA, Astana Hub conducts various events and educational seminars. For example, in 2023, the AI Battle competition was held to enhance the level of ideas for AI startups and scale their business. Workshops organized by Microsoft and NVIDIA regularly take place on the Astana Hub platform. Furthermore, startups in Kazakhstan already have the opportunity to participate in the NVIDIA Inception and Microsoft for Startups programs, providing financial support and access to resources, experts, and technological partners, significantly contributing to their development.

Additionally, Astana Hub is considering providing special conditions for cloud computing resources based on graphics processing units (GPUs) for startups. Currently, an analysis of the market's GPU needs is underway, which will help determine the necessary resources to meet market demands. Data collection on computing power needs is carried out on the ai.astanahub.com platform under the "Resources" section.

It should be noted that the number of AI-based startups is rapidly growing. At present, over 200 participants of Astana Hub, including Cerebra, Biometric, ZebraEye, BeineAI, Flowsell, Paperstack PipeData, SpeechLab, actively utilize artificial intelligence technologies.

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