In Kazakhstan, for the first time, was used a digital document for a domestic flight

On April 5, the Ministry of Digital Development and Space Industry, as well as the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, together with the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan JSC and the airports of Nur-Sultan and Almaty, launched a pilot project "Digital Documents" in the eGov mobile application.

A digital identity card can be presented at the registration desk by attaching a QR code to the device, which automatically identifies the person. A digital document can also be used for inspection and boarding.

The flight using a digital document is currently available to Air Astana passengers in the directions of Nursultan-Almaty, Almaty-Nur-Sultan. It is worth noting the work of the capital's airport, which has developed software for reading the QR code generated with the eGov mobile application.

The Ministry of Digitalization plans to connect all regions and airlines of the country.

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