The total income of Astana Hub participants amounted to 147.7 billion tenge for 9 months of this year.

To date, 930 of IT companies are members of Astana Hub, 170 of which are with foreign participation.

The total number of job positions created by Astana Hub’s participants are more than 12,000. The volume of exports of IT services amounted to 82.6 billion tenge. Also, companies - participants attracted financing for their projects with the amount of 172 billion tenge and they saved 47.6 billion tenge by the tax preferences. 

“Need to understand that when we talk about the income of Astana Hub participants, this is not the income of the technopark, it is the income of 930 companies which receive tax benefits at the technopark. These are very good results and we understand that the government's efforts to stimulate the IT industry are not in vain. Thanks to the support of technological entrepreneurship, this area is developing and actively growing,” - says Bakytzhan Eshmukhambetov, Managing Director of Astana Hub. 

The number of Astana Hub participants really shows rapid growth. The increase amounted to 328 companies since the beginning of the year. Thus, in the third quarter, the indicator of income of technopark participants also increased by 42%. 

“It is worth to note that the demand for relocation of IT professionals and IT companies has grown significantly since the beginning of 2022. Since 28th of the February this year, the technopark has provided more than 3 thousand consultations on relocation, 142 applications have been submitted for registration as a member of the Astana Hub, 117 of which have already received a positive conclusion from the commission,” - notes Bakytzhan Eshmukhambetov. 

Counter obligations for the participants of the technopark is also the payment of a fee in the amount of 1% of the income in favor to the technopark. Astana Hub participants have to hold master classes, workshops and other events to popularize technological entrepreneurship and provide mentorship for beginner startups.


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