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17-year-old Mangystau junior developer Jahangir Tynshimov!

As a child, he became interested in technology and programming, began to learn various programming languages, automated the processes of managing accounts in social networks.

* At the age of 13, he focused on robotics and took an active part in the Olympiads, and also builds his first car from parts found on the street.

Interested in computer science projects, he will take the first place in one of them, which increased his interest in the topic of space.

* At the age of 14, Jahangir begins to master web development languages, successfully building websites and even winning a hackathon in 2.5 hours, demonstrating excellent skills. In addition, he took an active part in the rocket circle, where his unusual nozzle on the Arduino and experiments in creating a rocket aroused great interest.

• At the age of 16, he switched to professional development of sites, gained experience in various companies, where he promoted his projects and participated in the ABC Incubation of Nazarbayev University. He is currently an active member and resident of Mangystau Hub, intensively developing his developer skills on the WordPress platform and learning Flutter with the aim of creating mobile applications.

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