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Current stage: Expanding educational horizons We are at an exciting stage of introducing new adult courses. At the moment, our course "Data Warehouse Developer" is actively attended by more than 40 students. And we're just getting started!

SQL Module: Completion of a successful stage: We are currently completing the SQL module and the results have exceeded our expectations. Students who do not have an IT education successfully master the material. This indicates the accessibility and effectiveness of our teaching methods.

For all ages: And our success is not limited to adults! More than 50 students have successfully completed training in areas such as Scratch, Python basics and Unity game development. We are proud that our program attracts students of all ages.

Future plans: Our mission is to make education accessible to everyone. In the near future, we plan to introduce new courses such as "Oracle Database Developer", "Data Engineer" and "Java Developer". We strive to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for professional growth!

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