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News: The construction of a vertical village has begun near Paris

🌿 Exclusive news! MVRDV company from the Netherlands laid the foundation stone and planted the first tree for the future project “La Serre” (Greenhouse) in the suburbs of Paris! This innovative project represents a revolutionary concept - a “vertical village” combining natural elements in a compact but vast space.

This unique 18-storey skyscraper features a sturdy steel lattice structure, offering a unique living experience. The building includes 190 apartments, complemented by shops and services on the lower levels. Bridges, corridors and terraces intertwine the entire structure, creating more than 3,000 square meters of open space that is resistant to various weather conditions. A significant part of the living area - 25% - is occupied by balconies, providing each resident with approximately 15 square meters of open space.

As part of the project, it is planned to plant 390 trees, of which 338 will be built into the exterior, along with various pots and flower pots decorating the facade. Carefully selected from 150 plant species will be placed according to their needs in sunlight, soil and water. In addition, bird houses and bat structures will be installed in the building.

The vision of the project is broader - with plans to create a water purification system for watering greenery, which will be cared for by experienced gardeners. This architectural masterpiece aims to improve the urban environment by offering a unique alternative to traditional parks without the cost of expensive plots of land. The estimated completion date for this amazing project is set for 2026. 🌳🏙️

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