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Laventa - became a member of Astana Hub!

Our Laventa company is not just a participant in the corporate tourism industry, we represent a new standard in the field by offering an efficient and automated travel management system. Our The company has rethought the idea of a business trip, turning it into an easy and enjoyable process with our progressive and automated management system.

Soon you will be free to follow through the complexities of booking flights and hotels, arranging transportation, and keeping an eye on finances at ease — all in one place, and all under the watchful eye of analytics and reporting. We have everything to give your business dynamic productivity growth, while increasing the satisfaction and well-being of your employees outside the office.

We strive to become a prominent player on the global stage by expanding our presence and influence in markets around the world. Laventa aims to attract significant investments to enrich our already impressive range of services

Join us on this exciting journey and witness how the field of corporate travel is changing!

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