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Compliance with the conditions of participation in Astana Hub: the violator's case

Compliance with the conditions of participation in Astana Hub: the violator's case

The Astana Hub monitoring service has identified a company that, due to courses that do not correspond to the direction of activity under the TechOrda grant program and the list of priority activities in the field of information and communication technologies, violated the terms of the agreement and was excluded from the technopark.

Initially, this company (let's call it "A") registered as a training center specializing in training specialists in the field of information technology and cybersecurity. This area corresponds to paragraph 17 of the priority activities (LDPE), which regulates participation in the state financing program from TechOrda and Astana Hub. The company could provide services in the field of training in software architecture and administration, network systems, information system design and development, software and hardware platform solutions, ICT security, operating system and web application development, mobile applications, video games, artificial intelligence, analysis and work with big data. 

However, during an audit of the organization's activities conducted by the Astana Hub monitoring service, it turned out that, despite compliance with basic ICT training obligations, the company also offered courses that are the exact opposite of the stated specializations. Namely, courses in the category of "Personal training". In addition, the company's website presented courses on public speaking, emotional intelligence, informal leadership, business communication techniques for call center operators, and also participated in public procurement providing various types of services.

Thus, in violation of the terms of participation in the technopark, Company A has expanded the range of services provided, going beyond the list of LDPE in the field of ICT. However, in order to attract new customers and ensure the sustainability of financial and economic activities, the company engaged in non-targeted activities, while using tax preferences and other additional services from Astana Hub, 

As a result, Company A, which violated the rules of operation of Astana Hub, was prematurely excluded from the technopark and transferred to the authorized body for additional taxes for the entire period of its participation.

The Astana Hub Monitoring Service calls on the technopark participants to ensure strict control over the activities carried out and to monitor the correctness of the registration of primary accounting documentation, such as contracts, ESFS and acts. If you have any questions, contact Astana Hub for advice.

We would like to note that the technopark holds business breakfasts on a periodic basis, a call center works, there are information chats in Telegram, articles on the technopark platform with an analysis of negative cases are published on a periodic basis. Forewarned means armed. We wish you good luck and prosperity! 

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