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Tesla Optimus: A revolution in the world of robotics 🤖⚙️

🌐💻 Tesla Optimus: A revolution in the world of robotics 🤖⚙️

Tesla's innovations continue to surprise: the company has announced the commercial launch of its humanoid robot Optimus Gen 2 by the end of 2025. The robot, which has been significantly improved over previous models, can now walk 30% faster and is equipped with new hands capable of performing delicate operations.

🚀 Features and Features:

  • Human-like movement: The new version of Optimus shows improved balance and speed.
  • High-tech hands: Robot hands can perform precise and complex tasks, including handling fragile objects

🔧 Application and prospects:

Tesla plans to use Optimus not only in production processes, but also offers it as a solution for performing routine and dangerous tasks in production and at home. Elon Musk claims that the robot will be able to become a "core element of the long-term value" of the company.

The future is already near: Optimus can radically change the areas of production and service, automating routine tasks and improving occupational safety. This new direction in robotics promises to be a new step in the evolution of technology and change the perception of automation capabilities.

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