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2 Tech Orda stream at the International IT School MyFreedom

On November 14, 2023, the second stream of Frtontend development training started at the International IT School MyFreedom, within the framework of the Tech Orda program from Astana HUB!

The group has 15 students with completely different experiences, 11 on Tech Orda 2023 grants, and 4 on internal grants from our school. Our course includes theory, practice and the creation of portfolio projects.

The main objectives of the course are to study web application development methods, program design and teamwork.

Despite the diverse experience, everyone is focused on a common goal: to get a reliable IT profession in hand.Students will also receive exclusive knowledge from a practicing HR specialist in IT and present their projects to experienced professionals.

🤝👩💻 Let's create the future in the world of technology together! 🚀

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