26 novice data analysts from different universities started an internship at Yessen and Company

Yessen & Company invited 26 students of various specialties to a three-month paid internship program at their office at Astana Hub. Students take an educational and practical program from February 27 to May 30, 2023. During this time, they will master the following subject areas through case studies:

  1. Introduction to Consulting and Data Analytics

  2. Analyze and visualize data in Power BI. According to the results, each participant completes at least two projects for their portfolio

  3. Visualization in Google Looker Data Studio

  4. Development in Google App Scripts

  5. Data Analysis in Google Sheets

  6. Analysis of Analytical Case Study Business Intelligence

  7. Course “Finance for non-financiers”

  8. Oratory course, assuring everyone speaks to others

  9. McKinsey consultant method for solving business problems

  10. Design Thinking and Customer Development Course

  11. Work on the UpWork platform.

The dashboard created by the students at the Google Data Studio master class provides information about the students themselves. Most of the students are students of Astana IT University and Nazarbayev University. In addition, on the dashboard, you can see that students from 16 different cities and 11 universities are on probation.

Feedbacks about the internship were taken from students. 

Nazgul Nugmetullina, Astana IT University, Big Data Analysis

Yessen & Company provides an opportunity to improve their skills and gain experience. From the first day, I got to know and learn about the tools and their capabilities needed to analyze information. Azat Yesenov held a master session on working with the Power BI analysis tool. In the 3-hour master session, in addition to the basic concepts, efficient and fast work methods were shown, and we even created our own dashboard. Azat Yesenov and other colleagues are always ready to help and explain. At the same time, Azat Yesenov always reminds us to develop soft skills. This internship will definitely be useful for me.


Kairzhan Bolatbekov, Nazarbayev University, Data analyst

I had the chance to work on real projects from the very beginning of my internship. As a result, I was able to get excellent expertise utilizing Google Sheets in conjunction with the AppScript and SQL programming languages. I discovered the onboarding process to be quite quick and effective, which allowed me to quickly begin working on real assignments.

The master sessions on Power BI, Google Data Studio, and Upwork, in addition to the practical assignments, were really beneficial in helping me advance my abilities and understanding in the sector. I gained a thorough awareness of the many tools and technology used in the sector through these seminars, as well as some understanding of how experts use them to address challenges in the actual world.


Kasym Ubaydolla, Astana IT University, IT Management:

I gained valuable experience and knowledge through my internship at Maximum. Here I had the opportunity to receive mentoring from experienced specialists and learn about current technologies. Especially interesting and useful for me was a master class on data analysis, where we reviewed the Power BI tool. The master class gave me not only an easy start in analytics, but also a basic understanding of the data processing process, structuring them in the right order and creating analytical dashboards. The final part of the event was devoted to the importance and value of data analysis for business and other spheres of life. I am very grateful to the Maximum team for such a useful experience and knowledge that I received during the internship.


As a result of the practice, students will receive:

  1. Practical experience in the business field by solving real project problems;

  2. Certificate upon completion of the internship and a letter of recommendation;

  3. Analytical projects in your portfolio;

  4. 7 interns received an invitation to work in the staff of Yessen & Company, while the internship program itself is paid;

  5. Completed profile on Upwork.com along with projects.

Yessenov Azat, Founder and Managing Partner of Yessen & Company:

The idea and goal of my company are to unlock the potential of people. I especially believe in the huge potential of our Kazakh youth! Our regular internship and employment program is precisely aimed at finding and attracting talented young people in order to provide them with the opportunity to gain practical work experience and develop their potential. I am glad that in this stream there is an equal ratio between guys and girls.

As part of our program, we provide students of universities and graduates of online schools with the opportunity to get real practical experience with BI tools through case studies. We believe that this approach will help prepare a new generation of professionals who are ready to solve complex problems for the benefit of society and not only Kazakhstan. The guys are already fulfilling export contracts from around the world on Upwork. The result of our work is not only reports, analytics, and dashboards. However, the product of the activity is that our enterprise clients start saving money and time and start earning more.

Taking this opportunity, I express my gratitude to Astana Hub, on the site of which such programs become possible. Our long-term goal is to expand the internship program in order to train young professionals in all regions of the country. Follow the news of our company to find out about the next internship streams!



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