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3 basic principles of teaching Jusan Singularity during the Tech Orda program

Today we want to share with you the key principles underlying our Tech Orda training program. 

Our goal is not only to transfer technical knowledge, but also to provide students with practical experience and skills necessary for a successful start in the IT field. 

Let's get down to the basic principles of learning that help make learning at Jusan Singularly effective:

 1) Regular exams at the end of the module

One of the main elements of our program is regular exams at the end of each module. These tasks are aimed at checking the acquired theoretical material and this format helps students to discipline themselves, form a responsible attitude to study among students and stimulates systematic study of the material.

 2) Practice and peer-to-peer training

Jusan Singularity places great emphasis on consolidating theoretical material in our training programs. Each participant actively participates in interactive classes where it is required to create a program in small groups without the help of mentors. For example, as part of the Java Backend track, students have developed a banking application with full functionality. Such practical tasks contribute to the consolidation of theory and the development of teamwork skills and interaction between participants.

 3. Test technical interviews

Technical interview is one of the most important stages in employment. For this reason, the team of mentors of Jusan Singularity initiates preparation for technical interviews already at the early stages of training, so that our students can become in-demand specialists in the labor market.

Alipova Ardak, the owner of the Tech Orda grant for the Java Backend program:

"Participation in test technical interviews turned out to be a very important and valuable experience for me. After receiving feedback from the mentor, I better understand what I should pay attention to and what topics need to be taught. This not only helped me formulate my thoughts more clearly and concisely, but also taught me how to solve problems in a limited time" 

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