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Women in IT: how to start and build a successful career?!

In today's world, where technology is shaping the future, the role of women in the information technology industry is becoming increasingly important. The rapid changes characteristic of IT create countless opportunities, but women often face a number of challenges when trying to enter this dynamic world. In this context, our online meetup entitled "Women in IT: How to start and build a successful career", organized by the staff of the QSTEM training Center, has become an integral source of knowledge and inspiration for those who seek to leave their mark in the technological field.

Organization and Structure

Our events, organized by a team of professionals from various IT fields, were designed to provide insights and real practical advice. According to statistics, among those who have studied or are studying at the QSTEM school, the proportion of women exceeds 50%. In this context, the number of participants in the online meeting was not small. We have gathered in one place experts from various fields of IT, including programming, project management, design and marketing. Such a variety of speakers made it possible to create a full immersion in various aspects of the IT industry.

Discussion topics

1. Entering the IT world

Our speakers shared their stories of entering the IT sphere and the delicate moments they encountered. Emphasizing that there is no one right way, they shared recommendations on the first steps in this exciting world.

2. Overcoming competition

The discussion of competition in IT focused on how women can use their unique strengths to stand out from the rest. The speakers focused on the diversity and importance of everyone's contribution to the team..

3. Secrets of a successful career

Experts shared not only their success stories, but also practical strategies that can be used to achieve professional goals. Including discussion of the importance of communication skills, mentoring and stable professional growth.

Results of the meeting

The online meetup has become not only a place to share experiences, but also a source of inspiration. The participants received the tools and knowledge necessary to overcome stereotypes and challenges they may face.

We are confident that such events contribute to the formation of a more diverse and inclusive IT community, where everyone can thrive, regardless of gender.

Our meetup is not only an event, but also a step into the future, where women in IT occupy a well—deserved place at the forefront of innovation and success.

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