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5 key mistakes in the formation of business processes

Business processes play an important role in the effective functioning of the company. However, when creating and managing them, a number of serious mistakes can be made that can negatively affect the success of the business. Let's look at 5 key mistakes that should be avoided when forming business processes.

Often companies face a problem when they do not set specific goals for their business processes.

Let's give an example:

Imagine that you own a delivery company. You want to improve the efficiency of your logistics processes in order to deliver more orders on time. However, instead of setting a specific goal, for example, "to reduce the delivery time by 15%", you simply set a general goal "to improve the delivery process".


Your team is just trying to improve the delivery process without knowing a specific goal. They may get carried away with optimizing minor aspects of the process, spending too much time and resources on it. This can lead to insufficient improvement in overall efficiency, insufficient customer satisfaction and, ultimately, to the absence of the expected result.

Optimization of business processes requires a detailed analysis and definition of each step.

Also consider an example:

You are the owner of an online store and want to optimize the order processing process. But the description of the process is too general: "receive an order", "send an order".


Employees may miss important details, such as checking the availability of goods in stock, correctly filling in the delivery address, notifying the customer of the order status. This can lead to delays, delivery errors and customer dissatisfaction.

Business processes often involve participants with different roles and responsibilities. Ignoring the role of each member can lead to misunderstandings and misunderstandings.


You own a network of car service stations. Your customer service process includes many stages, from receiving the car to returning it to the customer after repair. Each stage is performed by different specialists: administrators, mechanics, painting masters, customer service managers, etc.


If mechanics do not understand their role or do not know what administrators or managers expect from them, then this can lead to missing important details during the repair process or to a misunderstanding of deadlines. Also entail an increase in waiting time for customers, dissatisfaction and, ultimately, to the loss of customers and losses for the business.

Business expansion and the addition of new services require available resources, such as trained personnel and equipment. However, if the company does not provide the necessary resources, then new services may be offered with poor quality or with long delays. This can damage the reputation of the company and lead to the loss of customers.

Consider an example:

You are the owner of a beauty salon and want to expand the list of services offered. But you don't have enough trained personnel or equipment.


New services may be offered with low quality or with long delays. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, loss of reputation and, ultimately, to losses.

To effectively manage business processes, it is necessary to have metrics and key success indicators. Without such metrics, the company will not be able to determine exactly what improvements are needed and how they affect the business.


You are the owner of a cleaning company and want to improve the quality of your services. But you don't have metrics to measure customer satisfaction.


Without specific metrics, such as customer reviews or the number of repeat orders, you won't be able to determine exactly how your improvements affect the business. This can lead to a waste of resources on improvements that do not bring real benefits.

In conclusion, the formation and management of business processes requires attention to detail, clear goals, provision of resources and measurement of results. By avoiding the above mistakes, companies can make their business processes more efficient and successful.

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