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8 best algorithms that every programmer should know

Algorithms that we will talk about:

1. Sorting algorithms: Sorting is a fundamental operation in computer science, and there are several efficient algorithms for it, such as quick sort, merge sort, and heap sort.

2. Search algorithms: Searching for an element in a large dataset is a common task, and there are several effective algorithms for it, such as binary search and hash tables.

3. Graph algorithms (Graph algorithms): Graph algorithms are used to solve graph-related problems, such as finding the shortest path between two nodes or determining the connectivity of a graph.

4. Dynamic programming: Dynamic programming is a method of solving problems by breaking them into smaller subtasks and storing solutions to these subtasks in order to avoid redundant calculations.

5. Greedy algorithms: Greedy algorithms are used to solve optimization problems by making locally optimal choices at each step in the hope of finding a global optimum.

6. Divide and Conquer: Divide and Conquer is an algorithm development paradigm based on multi—branching recursion. The divide and conquer algorithm splits the problem into subtasks of the same or related type until they become simple enough to be solved directly.

7. Tracking with refund (Backtracking): this is a general algorithmic method that considers a systematic search for all possible combinations and abandons a certain path as soon as it determines that it cannot be part of the solution.

8. Randomized Algorithm: Randomized algorithms use randomness to solve a problem. This can be useful for solving problems that cannot be solved deterministically, or for increasing the average complexity of the task. 

These algorithms are widely used in various applications, and it is important for a programmer to have a clear understanding of them.

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