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Network Detection and Response technology. Reliable protection of the network from cyber attacks

In today's world, cyber attacks pose a serious threat to any organization, regardless of its size or industry. To protect your network from these attacks, you need to use a comprehensive approach covering detection, response and recovery.

The name of one of these approaches is NDR.

What is Network Detection and Response (NDR)?

NDR is a technology that uses behavioral techniques, such as machine learning and advanced analytics, in order to identify anomalies in the network and analyze raw traffic and network packet flows. These anomalies may be signs of a cyberattack, such as an intrusion attempt, malicious software, or information leakage.

Behavioral techniques allow you to take advantage of response capabilities to eliminate network threats.

What does advanced protection against hacker attacks consist of?

Solutions for reliable infrastructure protection and countering dynamic attacks should not exist for a "tick" — there are clear requirements that an organization can focus on when choosing a product.

These requirements take into account:

·      The ability to learn and focus on previous experience of repelling attacks.

·      The ability to detect and stop threats that other products are missing.

·      The ability to actively respond to incidents and quickly localize them.

·      The ability to quantify the impact of an incident and improve the quality of response.

·      The ability to adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape.

·      The ability to scale in the face of changes and business expansion.

What is Trellix Network Detection and Response?

Trellix Network Detection and Response is a technology that allows continuous security of hybrid networks, data centers and servers.

With Trellix, security teams can:

·       Identify what could not have been detected before: zero-day attacks, ransomware and other threats hiding in the network infrastructure.

·      Reduce the average detection and response time: routine alert-response processes are automated thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and correlation mechanisms for continuous monitoring of attacks.

·      Increase the efficiency of processes and employees: teams are not distracted by routine tasks and are more focused on important processes.

Trellix NDR provides the ability to correlate events from multiple security vectors, including email, endpoints, etc. SecOps teams receive contextual information and concrete evidence, allowing them to quickly and accurately eliminate incidents.

All this makes it possible to provide comprehensive infrastructure protection.

In total, Trellix Network Detection and Response consists of several components, which we describe later in the article.

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