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Academica and Tech Orda: Where Dreams of Data become Reality

Greetings from Academica! News from our Tech Orda program team!

Hello everybody! Today I want to talk about how cool it is to study with us at Academica and about what cool results our students achieve in courses under the Tech Orda program.

We now have 46 students who have received grants. 29 of them study data analytics in depth, and 17 students have taken up data science.

Which course do you think is more difficult? Write in the comments 😉

Our students enjoy learning, and they often share their success stories. Many say that thanks to the courses, they were able not only to improve their skills, but also to look at the world of data in a new way.

At Academica, we always try to create an atmosphere where everyone can find something of their own, where you can not only learn, but also be inspired by each other. And it seems that we are doing it!

So if you also want to become a part of our friendly and talented family, join us. I am sure that together we can achieve a lot!

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Прошёл бесплатный двухдневный мастер-класс по Power BI (24-26 января 2024 года) от данный школы. Заинтересован и ожидаю возможности подать заявку на получение гранта по специальности Data Analytics!