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Aigerim Majtai: Mangystau Hub hosted 100 events during the year and was attended by more than 2000 people

- Aigerim, tell us about your professional experience.

- I graduated from The Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. My labor my path began as a student with my own business, but due to the pandemic I decided to work in my specialty. First, I decided to launch the Astana Hub regional pilot project. I participated in the projects of Mediana Services Limited and then in the project I worked as a manager. At the same time, I am a member of the Astana Hub Startup Orda I managed the project, as a result of which 24 projects were completed from a three-month incubation program 18 projects were presented at the Demo day. Always movement after this practice I realized that I want to move in a startup ecosystem where there is development. Mangystau Hub about 100, with more than 2,000 participants in a year since the start of operation the event was held. Also on the basis of Yessenov University this year we are opening the second Office of our regional hub in the University Technopark.

"Why Not?" Have you become a hub regional manager?

- Regional manager at Astana Hub my main motivation to become has to do with my experience working at the hub. Participation in pilot projects inspired me and focused on my profession, as well as the transparency and results of my work directly affect the success and development of projects it has increased my interest in influential innovation. Astana Hub – a strong community that promotes the growth and support of startups and I my experience and passion for modern technologies and innovations I am ready to contribute to this industry.

- What skills for a regional manager do you think it's necessary?

- I think to the regional manager the following skills are important:

Relationship skills: with different stakeholders, such as in clear and effective conversations with employees, partners and customers possibility.

Projects management: to ensure the completion of projects on time and within the budget experience in planning, organization and control.

Network skills: development of partnerships and building and maintaining business relationships that help attract resources possibility.

- Local what initiatives and projects have you implemented to support the ecosystem?

- I Mangystau Tourism Hackathon, Pizza Events such as Pitch, she Commerce and for start-ups other competitions in the field of Information Technology and pitching I organized. These events allow the exchange of knowledge and experience between participants "I'm sorry," he said. Not only the organization of events and initiatives, but also an ecosystem that helps to share knowledge, experience and support each other it is important to establish an open and trusting relationship with its participants. These are startups I want not only to develop projects, but also for innovation and growth helps create a stable and comfortable environment.

- Your with examples of how your support helped startups succeed can you share?

- Our startup Orda incubation to provide assistance to doctors at the first reception in our program the school startup AMS, developed by robot therapist, participated. During the program, they received the necessary knowledge, resources and mentoring support, which allowed them to develop their projects this made it possible to make significant progress. Their participation in the program is also to connect with the industry and gain valuable experience in growing a startup helped. They are residents of Mangystau Hub and our events include he continues to take an active part in competitions and pitching. This is their the project was presented and continued to develop. At the moment their therapeutic robot was successfully installed at construction sites in Aktau, which not only the technological importance of the project, but also confirms the possibility of practical application.

- For startups what advice would you give for rapid development?

- Here are the main tips:

1.understand the market and consumers.

2. Open business model.

3. focus on user experience development of high-quality products with translation.

4. strong specialists and partners team.

5. ready for innovation and change be.

6. effective marketing strategy.

7.strict financial control.

– How do you imagine the future of the IT ecosystem in your region?

– The IT ecosystem in our region is very it is promising and developing rapidly. Every year we innovate young and ambitious, ready to introduce technologies and solve pressing problems we see that startups are growing. However, high-quality development requires time and it is important to note that it requires effort.

–      What are your goals and plans?

- Among the participants until the end of June encourage innovative solutions and exchange of experience and cooperation successfully organize a regional hackathon aimed at creating a favorable platform for, I plan to pass. Also with the organization Technowomen for women there are plans to organize a joint forum. This event is dedicated to women in the IT field to support and inspire, as well as to exchange knowledge and experience aimed at creating a community. Also, by the end of the year, the region will be able to to help you focus on achievements and startups, as well as create a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between participants and experts a regional IT Fest and Startup Battle are planned to allow.

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