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Astana Hub 5 Years

A year ago, young boys and girls from all over Astana, who had passed the selection and had just received their grants under the Tech Orda program, did not yet know how far they would go on the path of game development. 

During this period, the school where game developers studied together with Astana Hub taught young startups not only hard skills, but also actively attracted them to various events, where the guys practiced soft skills, looking for their first audiences and potential investors in parallel, creating their recognition. 

Among the distinguished events for gaydev startups were Go Viral Fest Astana 2023, BeginIT 2023, Comic Con Astana and the largest IT Fest in Kazakhstan - Digital Bridge 2023.

By the end of the year, the teams had successfully completed their studies and founded their own indie game studios, releasing their first projects to marketplaces. At the moment, the teams have become GDC participants and are preparing for acceleration within Seed Money, and have also received their first orders.

GameDev Center congratulates Astana Hub on its anniversary and wishes the technopark to continue to develop successfully, achieve new victories and new heights. Attract more cool companies and bold, creative people to our one big IT family!!!

Together, We building better Future!

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Tomiris Sagat, в лице Astana Hub благодарим Вас за поздравительный пост! Мы активно поддерживаем GameDev Center, надеемся и на дальнейшее плодотворное сотрудничество!