Astana Hub and AIESEC Kazakhstan signed a memorandum of cooperation

Astana Hub and AIESEC Kazakhstan signed a memorandum of collaboration, which creates the basis for implementing the joint EmployMe project and providing information support during frequent events.

EmployMe is a project aimed at streamlining the recruitment process for companies that are looking for highly motivated and qualified employees and young people. The project provides an opportunity for young professionals to work on large-scale projects, get acquainted with the corporate culture of Astana Hub, and gain tremendous experience and networking.

On August 28, an event dedicated to selecting applicants for an internship at Astana Hub was held based at Nazarbayev University with the Director of the Executive Office of Daniya Akhmetova and the chief recruiter of Astana Hub, Indira Zhumabek. It was very large-scale and exciting! More than 80 candidates applied for participation; the participants were happy to participate in the most exciting business games and brilliantly solved various cases developed by the Astana Hub team.

Based on the results of the first selection, on August 31, the second stage of the assessment took place, including an interview with an Astana Hub recruiter, as a result of which 35 potential applicants were selected for an internship at Astana Hub.

Today, the final stage of the selection took place, within which 20 young finalists were chosen. Soon these lucky ones will become part of the Astana Hub team.


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