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🔥 Big Data, very soon

⚡️ efficient processing of big data

🤘 practical tasks on a real cluster

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Sets 2024:

🗓 March 25 - 5 more places 🔥

🗓 start on 26.08 - 18 seats

You can go through the parts:

1️⃣ HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive

2️⃣ Spark: from zero to hero

3️⃣ RT, NoSQL, Data Layout

An example of a recall from the last launch:

Thanks for the course! I learned a lot of new things. Before learning, the term Big Data was something ghostly and incomprehensible to me. After the course, I not only understood what it is, but also how it is prepared. The overall impression throughout the course is very positive. Good luck in your work / training / popularization of big dates!

Not sure if the training is right for you? An example of a video from the course to get acquainted with the format of training, the depth of content and the ease of communicating information:

▶️ Video from the course Practical course on Big Data (5 min)

Just in case:

🗓 Full training calendar for 2024

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