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BITLAB ACADEMY: The path from beginner to professional in the world of IT technologies

In a world where technology is developing at an incredible rate, IT education is becoming a key success factor. At BITLAB ACADEMY, we help students walk this path, turning them from beginners into professionals ready for the challenges of the modern IT world.

Java Developer Training at BITLAB ACADEMY:

BITLAB ACADEMY offers a 6-month Java Developer course for beginners aimed at preparing students for the Junior Java Developer level. Ideal for those who are new to programming, with a special emphasis on the development of algorithmic thinking and gradual deepening into complex technologies, including Java EE and Spring Boot Framework. The course is conducted by experts with practical experience in development.

Course from Junior to Middle Level:

In addition to the beginner program, our school also offers a course aimed at professional development from the Junior level to the Middle Java Developer. This course is taught by Ilyas Zhuanyshev, the founder of our school and an experienced Java developer. He successfully combines teaching with work at the European IT company Introduce Tech, where he has been engaged in Java development on a remote basis for more than three years. His experience and knowledge provide students with a unique opportunity to learn Java at a more advanced level.

Ilyas Zhuanyshev, JAVA developer, teacher:

"Working as a Java developer in a European IT company, I gained a wealth of experience, which I now share with my students at BITLAB ACADEMY. It is important to understand that the real world of programming is much broader and more diverse than classical training courses. Therefore, I try to enrich the educational process with my knowledge and experience gained in a professional environment.

Communicating with colleagues from Europe, I am constantly faced with new challenges and solutions, which I then transfer to the curriculum. My goal is not only to teach students Java programming, but also to show how these skills are applied in real projects, in an international environment. I aim to inspire students to continually learn and develop by showing them how technological skills can open up borders and provide global opportunities in their careers."

At BITLAB ACADEMY, we strive to provide each student with an individual path of development in the IT world. Our school covers all the necessary stages, from initial training to reaching the intermediate professional level, providing all the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful start and advancement in an IT career.

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