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Brand Analytics is a new member of Astana Hub

The innovative IT company Brand Analytics, the developer of the eponymous monitoring and analysis system for social media and mass media, has become a member of the Astana Hub. Residency in the largest international technopark of IT startups in Central Asia is an important step for Brand Analytics. The company plans to develop modern social media analytics technologies, including machine learning technologies, with a focus on Central Asia and, first of all, Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan's market leaders are already working with Brand Analytics:, Metamodel, NUR.KZ, Jusan, RG Brands, Freedom Bank and many others. According to representatives of the Kazakh business, the analyst social media and mass media helps them gain a strategic advantage in the market. With the help of Brand Analytics, companies solve a wide range of tasks: from reputation management, building high-quality customer service and improving their product to studying the target audience, developing an effective communication strategy and creating a strong HR brand.

The Brand Analytics system allows you to track mentions of a company, product, person or events in social media and mass media, automatically analyzes data, determines the tone of statements, identifies important messages and topics, and identifies trends in the media field. The information in the system is presented in the form of intuitive graphs and reports. Brand Analytics sends notifications about important changes in the media field to the mobile application, Telegram or email, in addition, in the system there are possibilities to use dashboards, export data and integrate with corporate systems.

The plans of the Brand company Analytics – to significantly expand the list of languages that the analytics system works with, to develop a fundamentally new large linguistic model (Big Language Model, BLM), based on the use of its own unique Al-solution to identify and process the languages of Central Asia, primarily Kazakh.

Based on previously developed data collection technologies, a new database of public data sources will be created that form the media space of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. According to the Brand Analytics study "Social Networks in Kazakhstan: figures and trends, autumn 2023", Instagram is the leader among social platforms in terms of both the number of active authors and the volume of messages in Kazakhstan. The third one, both by authors and by messages, is Telegram. The second position according to the messages is at VKontakte, according to the authors – from Facebook. The results of a recent study of social networks Kazakhstan will be presented in autumn 2024.

The Brand Analytics team optimizes and adapts ML models to identify named entities Named-entity recognition (NER): persons, companies, geographical names, as well as models for determining the tonality of messages written in Kazakh, with subsequent expansion of analysis capabilities into all languages of the Turkic language group to cover other languages of Central Asia.

The Brand Analytics office is located in Astana, the data center is also located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company will provide Kazakhstani users with access to the Brand Analytics software based on the SaaS (software-as-a-service, "software by subscription") model.

More information about the system is available on the website .

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