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Brilliant Labs Introduces Frame AR Glasses with Integrated Artificial Intelligence

A former Apple employee, Bobak Tavangar, is trying to surprise the tech world with his startup Brilliant Labs. The recently introduced Frame AR glasses, with an elegant design, impress not only with their appearance, but also with the integrated multimodal artificial intelligence Noa.

Brilliant Labs CEO Bobak Tavangar wearing Frame glasses. Photo: Brilliant Labs

The product, which is inspired by the legendary Steve Jobs and his stylish glasses (the Frame is very similar to Jobs' glasses!), has become an object of attention of the technology community due to its capabilities. Noa's built-in artificial intelligence, with support for Perplexity AI, Stability AI, GPT4 and Whisper models, provides users with global search, visual processing and image generation, as well as text generation. In addition, the capabilities of AR glasses include real-time conversation translation and more.

However, access to artificial intelligence functions will be provided through a special offer with a daily limit. The company also promises to introduce a subscription soon to expand the functionality.

The Frame AR glasses feature a microOLED display with a resolution of 640× 400, designed for daily use. A unique feature is that they can be used even by people with vision problems in the presence of certain lenses and doctor's recommendations.

Another advantage is the projection panel located on the inside, which ensures user privacy. Your interlocutors will not be able to see the information from your screen.

The Frame AR glasses weigh only 39 grams, which makes them lightweight and convenient for everyday use. Two batteries are used for power supply, located at the ends of the shackles, enough for a whole day of work. They can be charged using Mister Power charging, which comes with the glasses.

A pre-order of Frame AR glasses is already available on the manufacturer's website at a price of $ 350. Deliveries are expected in April.

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