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Happy Birthday, Astana Hub!

Infatuation. Much is devoted to a person. What can be said about love for a place?

I think, in the case of a place, the image of love as a magnet fits particularly well. This place lives in your mind, wherever you are. Your compass and needle are always pointing in that direction. You want to come there, you don't want to leave there, in this place, you are happy. Of course, this quality is always made by people. But. I think that at some point, the place starts to radiate on its own. It's not so important to you anymore what's happening there, who exactly is there or not. The place gains its own spirit. You come to this place - and the spirit of the place embraces you, you dwell in it, communicate with it.

Astana is a young city. The Expo district is 7 years old, and Astana Hub is 5 years old today. Amazing timeframes.

Amazing because with the amount of energy that has been released here in such a short time, in a different form, there would already be an environmental catastrophe. Fuel made from human love, dreams, and fire - it burns relentlessly here.

Today, Astana Hub is 5 years old. The history of this place is being created by people with great vision and the wisdom to quickly and effectively adopt the best global practices, led by the great leader Magzhan Madiyev. The spirit of this place can already be felt. For many, this place has already become a beloved home and a place of happiness. I am among them. Today, I want to wish Astana Hub: never to cool down in its bubbling magma, only to increase its intensity and capture new spaces, attracting more dreamers and heroes with its magnet, inspiring and giving people a belief in magic. It is already happening, and I am happy to make my small contribution to it!

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