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CusDev simulator. Miro template

I have thought so many times that it is time to post and share the templates of the KazDev Simulator tool, which I conducted for companies online and offline. I tested it at evening workshops in Almaty, online for an audience that is just thinking about creating their own startups, who wants to become a product manager. The challenge was also to do it in English for the entire audience of the World in the world (pun intended). We have tested the "Customer Development simulator", which was born in a venture company, on a dozen companies, banks, telecoms, retail, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and of course startups.

I am currently using it as part of the transformation of product teams in the bank. This tool allows me to work with teams:

  1. Additional practice of formulating questions on the go
  2. Training on a training case is useful: there are no worries about the product, it is easier to find the target audience
  3. It is faster to cope with the difficulties of conducting the first interviews
  4. Reduce the barrier of conducting interviews for your project
  5. To realize that talking to a client is easy
  6. Give feedback to each other

It's cool to see how people, after interviewing relatives, friends, acquaintances or even strangers, came up with insights that they hadn't even thought about before when developing their projects and products.I will be glad to have questions and I am ready to personally tell you about the CusDev Simulator tool.Link to the template:

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