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🧑🏫👩🏫 Data Engineer, preparing for an interview

At the graduation of the Practical Course on Big Data, a good question was asked: what to pay attention to when preparing for an interview for the role of a Data Engineer.

We decided to share our recommendations with you:

1 . Understanding the principles of Map Reduce

2 . Understanding the principles of Spark and experience working with it

3. Quality writing Python code (aka industrial development)

4. SQL and SQL on top of Big Data (e.g. Hive)

5 . Understanding the principles of Kafka (Near Real-Time data processing, NRT)

It is impossible to stop at the TOP 5, so we continue:

6 . Principles of NoSQL operation (CAP, data denormalization)

7. Orchestration of experiments, Airflow

8️⃣ Environment orchestration, Docker, Kubernetes

9. Real-life cases (e.g. pipeline optimization)

🔟 Soft Skills

As they say: last but not least, therefore, regarding the last point, we will hint that you can be thoroughly checked for compliance with the company's principles during a technical interview:

- see for example Amazon Leadership Principles

- and look for the book Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions in your library

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Have a good job interviewing everyone!

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