Auto-translation used Experience in implementing data-driven culture and employee training in companies

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In an article on the DigitalBusiness co-founder Alexander Polorotov shared his experience of implementing a business intelligence (BI) tool in companies and the effectiveness of corporate training, which was implemented by the team .

What this article is about:

Why is it not so easy to train employees in a company

🔗 Who is the training designed for

How to set up systematic training in the company 

What determines the effectiveness of corporate training 

🔗 Implementation cases 

“We have seen from our own experience that the classic way of introducing new business tools through two-three-day trainings does not work. This approach is designed more for motivation and involvement, when after the first successes, employees believed in themselves and saw a concrete way to optimize their daily routine”

“After analyzing the effect of the master classes, we started developing online courses. Over time, we came to the conclusion that each category of users, depending on their position, experience and responsibilities, needs their own approach and type of educational content.”

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