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DroneDrop Express

We use advanced autonomous control and navigation technologies to ensure accuracy and safety during the delivery process. Our drones are equipped with advanced sensor systems to avoid obstacles and ensure reliable cargo transfer.

Customers can easily place an order through our convenient mobile application or web platform, specifying the exact coordinates of the sender and recipient. After that, our system automatically assigns the nearest available drone to perform the delivery.

Our goal is to provide customers with fast and reliable delivery, reducing logistics time and costs. We strive to improve the quality of life of urban residents by making parcel delivery more convenient, environmentally friendly and efficient.

The main ideas of the project:

  • The service works 24/7;
  • A service application that includes all the functions for delivery: order creation, delivery information, location of the drone before and after receiving the order for delivery;
  • Dozens of Drone Launcher (DE) devices around the city - devices that receive a parcel from the sender and deliver it to the address, also including a drone charging station;
"The sky is our path, integrity is our mission, convenience is our standard: DDE is your air courier"

Telegram: @dkhan018

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