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Welcome, participants of Astana Hub!

The ExpansionHUB team is happy to share their successes with you!As part of the participation in the Tech Orda project, the ExpansionHUB school became the grant holder and in October 2023 launched training in three popular areas:

  1. Cybersecurity: Hacker AttacksIn this course, students learn how to protect information, develop strategies to prevent cyber attacks and ensure the security of digital systems.
  2. artificial intelligenceHere, students learn to understand the technologies that are changing the world around us, and master the skills of working with artificial intelligence.
  3. Product ManagementFrom the idea to the launch of a product to the market, our product management lessons help students implement successful products.

During these 4 months, the students of our school have been actively studying and making impressive progress in mastering new skills. And we are happy to support them!

Feedback from our students:

Batyr, Artificial Intelligence course

The AI course at Expansion Hub is very productive and interesting! I like the presentation of the material with the analysis of tasks. Angelina Herbolt, SE1 mentor, introduced python very coolly (algorithms, libraries, analysis of datasets). Angelina is a specialist in her field!At this stage, we are going through the Machine Learning block with Artyom Rychko. Very interesting topics on math, matrices, statistics, regression, model prediction training and much more, as well as flyers (quick tests) are conducted to consolidate the material. There will also be a course on SE2 (software engineer 2), which will be taught by Adil Sarsenov, I am sure that everything will be at the highest level!

Aigerim, Artificial Intelligence course

My name is Tursumbayeva Aigerim, I am studying at a course on Artificial intelligence. I chose this course because I am interested in technology and I love mathematics). Technology is evolving every day and it is important to keep up with the times. Today, artificial intelligence is actively influencing our daily lives, which is why it is important to understand the AI industry. AI is a big weapon, which is important to point in the right direction. Of course, learning new things always has a positive effect on professional development, and AI is no exception. I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers of the course for informative lectures and independent projects that help to "gnaw the granite of science"!Thanks!

Bakhyt, Product management course

I am a sales manager, currently taking the Product Management course from Expansion Hub in order to improve processes, product and export.The course content is very comprehensive and covers all the main theoretical and practical aspects of the field. I like the approach of the teachers, their experience and real-world cases of applying the taught methods in practice. Aizada always throws off useful materials, templates, which greatly facilitate the application of techniques. Madina takes a very detailed approach to the preparation of homework, tests in different formats. Both teachers are super experts and are always ready to help and prompt.On one of these tests, I won a gift, such an attitude to the course motivates and, in general, it is pleasant to receive gifts 🙂The course deserves 10 out of 10.Thank you very much for the course, for your work, time and patience!

Aslan, Cybersecurity course: Hacker Attacks

The course provides materials for a beginner in digital security, materials are available on the Internet, but live communication with teachers is an indispensable and very important part of learning.We see live how a security analyst should work, what decisions he makes. We learn from someone else's example. The course contains practical tasks and ready-made test benches, familiarization with tools and manual work.If the practice is designed for advanced users and cybersecurity specialists, then the theory is so clear and detailed that it could be taught to increase the level of literacy among computer users.

Azamat, Cybersecurity course: Hacker Attacks

As for the choice of course, I am very pleased. Cybersecurity seemed very uninteresting and boring to me before the start of the course and I chose it for a general understanding of the protection of software and servers, the network. But it turned out that I got carried away with the topics! I learned how to use tools that have helped me more than once at work. I learned a lot of new things and the fact that the course adapts to students, collects feedback and suggestions every time and immediately implements them greatly simplifies learning.Thank you for the opportunity and the teachers for their responsiveness and knowledge!

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